The Goby Toothbrush Review


By Amanda Lane & Liz Cool

There has been some buzz in the electronic toothbrush market with the introduction of Goby. Gody is a stylish electronic brush that pairs with a mail subscription service to ensure your bristles stay fresh. At $50 (with a $6/month brush subscription) it's an upgrade from grocery store electronic toothbrushes and priced more competitively than Sonicare.

Our hygienists put it to the test.


What We Liked

After a week of regular use here's what stood out about the Goby.

1. Power: The hygiene team praised the power of the Goby, comparing it to the Oral B CrossAction toothbrushes.
2. Style & Build: From packaging to plug in to your first brush, the Goby has a simplistic style, and construction is solid and sits nicely in your hand as you rotate to clean.
3. Easy-to-Clean: The smooth, clean design makes wiping the brush super simple.
4. Subscription Convenience: The $6/month subscription takes the hassle out of making sure you remember to replace your bristles which means you get the most out of each time you brush.



What We Didn't Like

Here's what we'd change.

1. Round Brush Heads Only: We wish Goby provided an option for a longer, scalloped head but because the brushing action relies on the rotating head (and not an oscillating vibration), the shape is limited. 
2. Vibration & Noise: If you are used to a Sonicare the noise and vibration of the Goby can be an adjustment - we estimate it was about 25% louder than the introductory Sonicare models.
3. Doesn't Sit Upright: If it's not in the charger, the Goby doesn't sit upright -  a small (but noticeable) inconvenience for a toothbrush that is so well designed.


  No spaceship looking brushes here: Goby puts simplicity back into using an electronic toothbrush. 


Our Conclusion

If $100 for a toothbrush seems crazy and you value simplicity and convenience then this is the toothbrush for you.

Goby offers a fresh face in the toothbrush market and we're excited to have some new options. Their subscription service takes the hassle out of remembering to replace your brushes and while the brush design could use a few adjustments, it comes in at a reasonable price. It doesn't match the noise or brush-head performance of a Sonicare but is a welcome alternative to other mid-priced brushes.


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