Busy Holidays? 3 Tips to Not Stress Your Oral Health.


Christmas shopping. Meal planning. Travel. Brushing and flossing doesn't always fit into our holiday plans. So, follow these 3 easy tips to help your oral health when the toothbrush and floss aren't handy.

1. Rinse with Water
Do a quick after-meal rinse when you aren't at home to help balance your Ph and prevent decay. If you're enjoying a beverage or two, have a glass of water in-between (you'll feel fresher from the hydration, too).

2. Use a Straw
Earn style points and help your teeth by using a straw. This helps keep more teeth healthy and prevents stains, helping your smile shine during the holidays.

3. Whiten at Home
We recommend in-office whitening to help achieve that bright, extra-white smile without damaging your teeth. But during the holidays at-home strip whitening can give you a helpful boost between visits at your dentist.

We hope these 3 tips help you smile often, laugh lots and not stress the small things this holiday season.