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"I had not been to the dentist since childhood, but at 48 years old, I could no longer avoid getting dental help. I traveled all the way from Wyoming to let Dr. Hamilton work on my teeth, and the positive experience and positive outcome were well worth the trip."
Don Robbins, Ph.D.

About Port City Dental Center

Welcome to Port City Dental Center, a state of the art full service general and cosmetic dental facility aimed at providing the highest quality of care for patients of any age. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make all our clients feel right at home during any procedure. Ensuring your comfort and peace of mind is second nature for our staff. We understand you live a busy life so we have tailored our hours to include after work and weekend appointments. Call us at 910. 399. 1127 to schedule your next appointment.

See what our patients are saying...

"I live in Wyoming, but I have family in North Carolina, and I knew Dr. Hamilton in Wilmington. Rather than use a local dentist that I did not know, I traveled all the way across the country for Dr. Hamilton to work on my teeth.

I had not been to the dentist since childhood, but at 48 years old, I could no longer avoid getting dental help. Four years ago, I broke a molar, and I simply lived with the broken tooth rather than having to face a dentist. But recently, on the other side of my jaw, I developed a very painful abscessed molar that could not be ignored.

Dr. Hamilton was able to save both of my molars, even the one that had been broken four years ago. He made the whole experience (root canals, tooth rebuilding and crowns) completely un-traumatic; in fact, after I saw how careful and easy he was with the first tooth, I actually dozed off several times while he was working on the second tooth.

My teeth now feel great, and I can chew without being cautious or apprehensive about when the next jolt of pain will occur. But best of all, the whole experience has left me wondering why I avoided going to the dentist for so many years. I plan on scheduling a regular checkup with Dr. Hamilton when I visit my family in North Carolina."

Don Robbins, Ph.D.
Chief Engineer
Firehole Composites, Inc.
Laramie, Wyoming

"A recent visit to Port City Dental Center really stands out to me as a new patient. For years I have had anxiety about going to the dentist, which stems from a traumatic childhood injury requiring multiple treatments. Dr. Hamilton and his staff put me at complete ease. They were kind, gentle, and welcoming. Dr. Hamilton actually took the time to describe his findings, gave me sensible options, and made me feel like I was part of the decision-making process. An added benefit is that his office is in a new state of the art facility. I would highly recommend Dr. Hamilton's services to anyone seeking excellent dental care."

-David Brouhard, MD; Wilmington, NC